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Online Ticket Purchase and Management Technology

Tickets Online enables you to plan better for your next event be it a conference, gala dinner, exhibition, awards dinner, concert, wedding or charity event.

Tickets Online Key Features:

  • Manage the seating arrangement and room/hall layout
  • Designing colour-coded table plans and rooms
  • Allow the attendees to find their respective seats
  • Easily export and send you the seating plan for the event
  • Manage the table access by using category restriction
  • Easily locate the attendees by using their name or related company using the search feature
  • Create a varied pricing model depending upon the seating structure
  • Reach out to your guests with dietary requests

Benefits of Event Ticket Management System

  • Appropriate for genres in which audiences are most familiar and comfortable with reserved seating (ex: classical music, theatre etc.).
  • Suitable for events where close proximity to the stage is attractive (ex: headliners).
  • Provides the option for scaling the house with multiple ticket prices, adding to your bottom line.
  • During significant demand, the system provides you with the option of dynamic pricing.
  • Motivates patrons to purchase early and at a higher rate, ensuring a great seat location.
  • Both reserved and general seating arrangements also have the option of adding a VIP ticket—a premium price charged for a premium seating location—that contributes to the revenue.