Structuring a Guided Inquiry

Sue Burvill-Shaw - Monday 4th May, 7-8pm

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Structuring a Guided Inquiry
Sue Burvill-Shaw - Monday 4th May, 7-8pm

This webinar will discuss the importance of teachers’ explicitly unpacking their decision making in developing guided inquiries, and describe strategies through which the decisions teachers make about structuring an inquiry (which are intrinsic to the inquiry process). Such decisions are usually tacit rather than explicated for students. The focus will be upon making explicit those decisions and reflections which are essential to a good historical investigation, from the formulation of Inquiry and Sub Questions to critical evaluation of sources and strategies to analyse and evaluate evidence. This presentation will explore the importance of explicitly teaching each stage of a historical Inquiry as a precursor to expecting students to undertake their own research inquiries. It will examine strategies that can be used from upper primary to year 12 to make clear the significance of class learning activities during a Guided Inquiry with students. The presenter operates from the belief that, unlike the junior iteration of the ACARA curriculum, the QCAA senior interpretations point out quite explicitly that the mandated pedagogy for teaching both Ancient and Modern History in Queensland schools is Inquiry Based Learning (IBL). This would suggest that the QCAA in preparing these syllabuses have the expectation that students would have experienced history taught through a similar conceptual and pedagogical framework. In working collaboratively with students to step through a structured Inquiry approach to investigating a historical question from a historical question, teachers can explicitly teach the skills necessary for IBL.

Sue Burvill-Shaw has been a classroom teacher for over 32 years. Sue has taught History, Big History, English, SOSE, both Ancient and Modern History, Study of Religion and Senior Sociology, and has taught in a variety of schools, both State and Private, in Queensland and Interstate. Sue is a Past-President of the Queensland History Teachers’ Association and is a former QSA State Panel Chair for Ancient History. She has tutored in education at the Queensland University of Technology and Griffith University, where she is currently a Doctoral Candidate, researching the Australian Curriculum and Inquiry Based Learning (IBL). She now home educates students in a variety of subjects, including History.


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