Domestic Violence in Faith/Spiritual Multicultural Communities - Providing a Platform for Critical Discussion Email Us

The first one-day domestic violence symposium explores an array of issues surrounding domestic violence in faith/spiritual based multicultural communities in the Australian context, and responses to address the needs of these communities. It provides a platform for discussion where domestic violence experts, practitioners, service providers, policy makers, faith/spiritual-based leaders, community leaders and researchers can openly discuss how the needs of faith communities can be addressed and what role faith plays on domestic violence in these communities.

For many victims of domestic violence, the symbolic aspects of faith, spirituality, prayer, meditation, and scriptures provide consolation, purpose, and a sense of control in everyday life. However, faith can also be used or misused to justify abusive behaviours or uphold strong DV attitudes to induce shame, guilt and distress within victims.

We invite papers and posters from a wide range of multidisciplinary themes from experts, researchers, service providers, practitioners, faith-based leaders and community leaders in the following topic areas:

**Please note: 20% discount applies to group bookings of 2 or more delegates  (from the same organisation) in the one registration.

: 23-Oct-2017
: 23-Oct-2017
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