Demonstration - DO NOT USE


Dear Customer

This is a demostration abstract warehouse to show to new organisers how the system works.

If you see this warehouse after you login or register into the system, this is usually because the cookie in your web browser needs to be cleaned.

In Microsoft IE. Click setup >> 'Internet options'. In the popup dialog's 'General' tab, click 'Delete...' button under 'Browsing history'. In the new popup dialog, tick the 'Cookies and website data' then click 'Delete' button in the bottom.

In Google Chrome. Click menu>>More tools>>Clear browsing data. Tick the 'Cookies and other site and plugin data', then click 'Clear browsing data' button in the bottom.

In Mozilla Firefox. Click menu>>tools>>Options. In the popup dialog, click 'Privacy' tab page. Then click 'clear your recent history'. In the new popup dialog, tick the Cookes, select 'Everything' from dropdown list. Then click 'Clear now' button in the bottom.

In Safari. Click menu Safari>>Preferences. In the popup dialog select 'Security' tab page. Click 'Show Cookies' button. Then click 'Remove All' button.

After you have cleared cookies, you can try and login again.

Thank you

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