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Abstract Management Technology

Take the paperwork out of submitting papers

Abstracts Online is a web-based solution that manages and automates the collection, distribution, reviewing and scoring of documents for all types of conferences. The application is tailored by the conference administrators and conference committee to meet the needs of their conference, meeting or event. Our clients use our Abstract Technology Solution along with our other technology applications to boost their conference experience.

Multi-User system

Connect authors, reviewers, committee members, panels, and organisers.

  • Create a submission portal for authors to submit their abstract or papers
  • Define scoring criteria to make the process of acceptance streamlined
  • Invite unlimited reviewers and automate notifications to authors and reviewers
  • Reviewers score the abstract or paper directly in the system
  • Automate acceptances
  • Export all papers and abstracts for easy publication
  • Import directly into Word or Indesign with predefined styles

Author Submission Portal

Easily accept submissions for your Conference

Configured and Branded for your event

Make submitting papers easy, by adding this abstract submission portal to any website.

  • Fully branding in your company or conference name
  • Collect all important author details including co-authors
  • Set limitations to the number of words or the number of submissions
  • Set presentation format options – oral, poster or keynote
  • Allow authors to submit drafts, and edit prior to finalising
  • Set categories to assist in organising for review
  • Automate confirmations and acceptances to authors

Reviewer Portal

Online reviewing technology

Deciding on which abstracts or papers should be accepted for your event is made easy by creating categories and scoring criteria that allow your reviewers to score online

Reviewing made easy

Invite reviewers or panels for review

  • Connect Reviewers to categories and automatically notify them of new submissions
  • Blind, normal, peer or collaborative reviews
  • Define groups for Reviewers
  • Reviewing, based on the customized criteria and assigned weightings
  • Setup Automated acceptance of abstract for minimum scores
  • Set comment fields that are visible to author or visible to organiser
  • Create multiple scoring options
  • Multiple reviews per document
  • Reportable score results to assist in acceptance decisions

Reports and Publishing

Export your accepted submissions for online or print publication

Keep your finger on the pulse

Real-time reporting for accurate tracking of submissions.

  • Keep track of what abstracts or papers have not been scored
  • Report full details of scoring and comments made
  • Export abstracts and all author details in csv or styled HTML
  • Export accepted, pending, or rejected abstracts
  • Directly import into Word or Indesign with predefined styles
  • Include details of category or topic in export
  • Complete download of all abstracts