Executive Certificates in Social Media Management and Digital Design Management

The Executive Certificates in Social Media Management (ZESMM) and Digital Design Management (ZEDDM) are university-accredited, 10-week, online qualifications that develop communication skills and strategic knowledge in digital content and multimedia platform management. Focusing on the convergence of visual design, digital media and communication management, these programs strengthen and build digital media skills for professional communicators. They are based on understanding current technology and applications while developing a capacity to adapt and manage future developments in social and digital media.

Through intensive, practice-based assessment tasks, students will audit existing platforms and user-experience, develop strategy and content, and learn to manage creative people and processes to communicate effectively in the digital environment.

The Executive Certificates are conducted through individual post-graduate level courses delivered in collaboration with industry: Social Media Management (SCCIL 90013) and Managing Digital Design (SCCIL 90012). Integrating the latest online learning technologies and social media tools, students working from anywhere in the world can interact with each other and the teaching staff to apply course principles as they develop critical professional skills.

A 10% administration fee will be charged to students who withdraw from the course prior to completion of the first week. This is to cover processing time and costs.

Students will not be eligible for a refund after the end of the first week of teaching.


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