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"The Six Thinking Hats are designed to dramatically improve the way individuals and groups think. The methods are used to look at issues from multiple perspectives and help teams to move beyond their habitual thinking styles to achieve a more rounded and thorough view of a given situation. Your people should attend this session if they would like to develop:

  1. The capacity to design and facilitate more focused, shorter and outcome oriented meetings,
  2. a sound understanding of multiple thinking styles,
  3. the ability to design and lay out a thinking process,
  4. the ability to generate genuinely new ideas using lateral thinking methods, &
  5. the capacity to become more thorough and objective thinkers.

All attendees will receive the Six Thinking Hats Certificate along with the Official Blue Hat Facilitator lapel pin. Also included will be a 10 week follow up course of handy application hints via email to help build upon the learnings.

To further assist all participants to practice and embed the learnings into their workplace, an optional work-based portfolio will be provided along with email & telephone coaching to aid in its completion, at no additional cost.

Join us for this practical and highly interactive training and start applying the methods into your workplace immediately!"

: 31-Aug-2018
: 31-Aug-2018
: 0400 109727
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